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Technical Specification



The pen's capsules are moulded on an Automatic  moulding machine Where the temperature and pressure control is precisely controlled by a proper Instrument controls. The Plastic Powder which is used for the capsule is polypropylene or polysteren  confirming to the IS : 2267 - 1972.   The design of the mould for any specific recorder is 100% identical to the original pen of the recorder manufacturer We stand guarantee that, every capsule will be 100 %  re-throfit for the particular model and type of the recorder and will have a smooth finish and will be free from any defects.


The Cartridge ( ink absorbent material ) which is used for containing or retaining the ink, comes in two types.  1.  For the Cubical Capsule : we use the high capacity absorbent cotton wool felt of the best quality available in the market. 2.  For the Cylindrical capsule : we use cellulose acetate polyster fibres (IS : 10562-1983)


The tips which are used with our products are of two types and have the advantages in their own properties and are used for the appropriate duties depending on the design of the recorder, to give the best results.  For your reference we give a comparison of the two types of tips which are being used, Micro tips  & Fibre tips.

  Fibre Tips : Micro Tips :
  1. Indigenous  1. Imported (JAPANESE)
  2. O.D. is  2 mm 2. O.D. is 0.8 mm
  3. Made of chemically treated Cellulose acetate polyester Fibre, hardened. 3. Nylon fibres embeded in a solid nylon sleeve.
  4. Initial line width is 0.3 mm and over a period use the tip gets blunt and line width can becomes as wide as 0.85 mm. 4. The line width is very sharp (0.2mm) and remains the same till the end if the contact pressure is not more than 10 grams.
  5. Has a very good capillary action and can    write well with only 3 grams contact    pressure and 00 mm / sec pen speed. 5. Has slow cappillary action and can write well with a 10 gm. contact pressure and 50 mm / s pen speed.
  6. Ink flow is fast hence the writting length is less For a given volume of ink. 6. Ink flow is slow hence the writing length is more, for a given volume of ink.
  The  specific conditions in which our pens have been tested are as follows :-
  1. Pen Tip Pressure 6.0 grams.`
  2. Room Tempreture 21 o C
  3. Relative Humidity 67 %
  4. Line width 0.31 to 0.33 mm.
  5. Pen speed 100 mm / Sec (Maximum)
  6. Chart speed 50 mm /  Min (Maximum)
  We are the O.E.M. Supplier for some of the Indian Recorder Manufactures.

The Self Life :  We guarantee our products for 6 months but in a proper A.C. Store it can be for One year also. As we fill up the measured quantity of ink, the chances of ink oozing out from the joints at high ambient temperature, are very little, but in some cases if the ink-settling time is not given adequately, it may leak.  To avoid that, please let us have the delivery time of six to eight weeks. For the better writing of our pens we recommend the chart Paper should be of I.S.

  5947 - 1970 with the following specifications :- 
  1. Gramage ( g / m 2   ) =  47.81
  2. Tensile strength kg / m 2  15mm =  N.D. 2.74, C.D. 1.90
  3. Cobb Test ( g / m 2 ) =  Felt side 16.26, Wire side 19.28
  4. Thickness in inches =  0.0024
  5. Smoothness ML / Min =  More than 300 ML / Min....
  6. Above specifications at =  27 o C +  1 o C.
65 RH  +   2%

We hope that all the given specifications will fulfill your requirements.  If you have anymore queries, you are always welcome to write us.